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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Give Our Patients Five Stars


At Valley Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery, we always want to provide the best experience for our patients, and one thing that helps us do that is patient surveys and reviews.  When someone is willing to take the time to give us feedback, you better believe we pour over that feedback and discuss it as a team. 

Today, however, I was thinking that sometimes I wish I could write a review praising our patients.  I would like to put out on Yelp how considerate and thoughtful the patients are that come to my office.  Of course we always thank people for coming and let them know that it is nice to see them, but I want everyone to know how great someone is when they remember all of our staff's names, or how they brighten our day every time they stop by the office, or how touched we are when they write us a note.  If I could write such a review, I would give our patients here at Valley Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery five stars!