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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Ugly Glasses Entries

This contestant was turned in by her husband, who said the following about her glasses:

"Hello Valley Eyecare!
I am nominating my wife, Megan for new glasses.  Our mischievious golden retriever puppy snuck her glasses off of the nightstand while she was in the shower, and she now has a pair of glasses which she can no longer use in public.  I am nominating her because she drives my children to and from school and drives with no correctional lenses.  (This gets interesting gat night.)  She needs to be able to see again!  Although I love her "squint face", it is time for a change."  
I particularly like the creative repair job!
These 15 year-old glasses don't get worn much in public, but when this patient brought them in for her eye exam, we thought they would be perfect!

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